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Sidney Jones

Written by Ray Valentin on January 27, 2017

Sidney Jones vs Colorado (2016)


Jones shows to be an outstanding coverage cornerback on the outside. On tape he shows to have better-than-normal-play-speed for his position. He displays perfect body control with nice loose hips on the turn in press trail technique verses Oregon ’16 (0:42),(0:50) and continued through out the rest of the 2016 tape to be able to consistently play with a high level of body control on the turn. He even showed the ability during the Colorado ’16 tape to stay on top of the receiver in press trail and use the sideline to his advantage (1:40), and will also use this technique in off man cover 3 zone. Jones is a very sticky corner in press man to man coverage. Verses Oregon Jones showed good toughness by being a willing and aggressive enough to come down quickly in the box in run support (1:10). The one question you would have is how many NFL style collisions his slight frame can take. Jones has good hands for the interception as is evident from some of his interception highlights. He is a very confident looking player on tape which is why he plays so fast. Jones has an intense desire to compete and it occasionally shows up on tape, but he also must do a better job at fighting to get off blocks by the receive. He tends to get caught up on receiver blocks more than you would like. You can tell Jones is a student of the game by tracking his eye vision during his backpedals in zone coverage and in off man technique. He routinely demonstrates the ability to keep his eyes on the quarterback while staying on top of the receiver. He also anticipates the snap of the ball well which allows him to quickly get to his landmark and begin to read his keys. The one knock you can have on Jones is he does not look to be a great tackler. It will serve Jones better in the long run to become more of a wrap and roll tackler as opposed to being a shoulder throw tackler. It would both improve his tackling effectiveness and preserve his body from wear and tear on the next level. This is an area where he will need to improve at in order to be an effective defender in the run game in cover 2 zone. Jones has the quality’s to be a calculated risk taker. With his diagnose skills the more experience he gets the more confident he will be at jumping routes.

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