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Eddie Vanderdoes

Written by Ray Valentin on January 28, 2017

Eddie Vanderdoes vs Stanford (2016)


Vanderdoes looks more of a two gap NT/DE in a 3-4 defense. Against Texas he showed the play strength needed two anchor down against the double team combination block (1:54). In that game he also flashed a quick arm over move verses the guard and then used power to bull rush the center to the ground and get to the quarterback (0:46).

Vanderdoes Showed good football intelligence during the Stanford tape by using a variety of pass rush techniques. When studying the tape you can really see that he has refined his hand fighting and even added a spin move that he incorporates to get off the block.

Vanderdoes only shows adequate play speed on tape. He appears a bit heavy footed which is why he would be better suited to play in a 3-4 defensive system. If he were to be in a 4-3 front he would most likely be limited to a one technique defensive tackle that would have to come off the field during 3rd down or passing situations.

Vanderdoes does however show good mental and physical toughness down after down. He continually brings the fight to the offensive linemen during the course of the game.

Vanderdoes demonstrates good competitiveness by showing that he is willing to play until the whistle. You constantly see him pursuing to the ball and trying to make the play. He also showed to have a good motor with little to no loafs.

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