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Daeshon Hall

Written by Ray Valentin on January 23, 2017

Daeshon Hall vs South Carolina (2015)


Daeshon Hall has prototypical size for a defensive end in a 4-3 defense (6-6, 265). He played right defensive end for the Aggies and teamed up with Myles Garrett to form a tough duo for college offenses to deal with. Hall is aggressive in pursuit but is still a raw football player.

Hall plays with good strength at the point of attack. Verses South Carolina he showed the ability to stack then shed the blocker off of his body to make the tackle on the ball carrier (1:46). He has showed the ability to bull rush the tackle back to the quarterback during pass rush situations.

Hall needs to improve on his playing intelligence via recognition skills. This is the area that is holding him back from being a more consistent player. On tape verses South Carolina he was seen to have trouble diagnosing the reverse run option more than once. One of which lead to a touchdown (1:25). He also needs to do a more consistent job of recognizing opposing players around him as he was seen to get chip blocked to the ground by a Gamecock running back (2:49). In the same game Hall did however show the ability to avoid the chop block from the running back and jump up to bat the pass down (3:16).

Hall looks to have adequate play speed for a right defensive end position. He also displays a good burst when closing in on quarterbacks on the pass rush. Probably not enough though to be a main stay player on the left side.

Hall showed the physical toughness to penetrate the offensive line and set the edge verses the run which helped set up a tackle for loss (4:00). Hall also displayed on tape the ability to have a mental lapse by forgetting his responsibility of setting the edge and allowed the runner to score on an off tackle toss play (3:44). His mental toughness will improve when his recognition skills improve. Until then he will continue to be a flash player instead of a more consistent play maker. It should also be noted that Hall has been durable throughout his college career which also speaks to his mental and physical toughness.

Hall looks to be a very competitive player on tape. He plays with a high motor and is always working to the ball carrier. You kinda wish his motor ran a little more hot, but never the less he keeps on pursuing. This competitiveness does sometimes get him in trouble as he will miss diagnoses the play and go all out in the wrong direction. Once Hall learns to be more consistent at reading his keys, he has the potential to be an even better defensive end then what he is right now.

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