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Cooper Kupp

Written by Ray Valentin on January 29, 2017

Cooper Kupp vs Richmond (2016)


Kupp has the prototypical quickness and speed for the wide receiver position. He demonstrates the necessary quickness to get off the line and into the shorter routes, and the speed to get long gains after the catch.

Kupp looks to be a precise route runner, but I didn’t see to much bend at the top of his route stems as this is a technique he may need to learn in order to create separation against NFL defensive backs. Cookie cuter routes won’t always work in the NFL.

Kupp demonstrates good concentration for the catch. He routinely makes the contested catch in traffic and quickly tucks the ball away from defenders. He does a good job of tracking the ball with his eyes all the way into his hands.

Kupp possesses sure hands for the reception.  He is a hands catcher and very seldom lets the ball get to his body. I only saw one ball hit his hands that he did not catch, but it was a ball that was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

Kupp looks to be in good condition for the wide receiver position. He consistently runs routes at the same speed from the beginning to the end of the game.

Blocking, however is an area where Kupp needs to do some improving. While he does do a good job of positioning himself between the ball carrier and the defender as evident of the ’16 Central Arkansas tape (3:18). He must do a better job of driving the defender back as opposed to catching the defender and allowing the opposition to push him back.

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