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CFB Week 6 Scouting Watch Guide

Written by Jeff Risdon on October 7, 2016


TCU at Kansas, 12 PM on ESPN

Obviously not the sexiest game to kick things off, but Kansas is rarely on national television and they have a player draftniks need to see. Safety Fish Smithson is a legit top 100 prospect and one of the more exciting defenders in the nation.

Smithson garnered buzz in the offseason for his prodigious tackling totals last year, leading the nation in solo tackles. Where most folks know Fish–real name Anthony–is for his athletic interceptions, like this one against Texas Tech…

Picked off by Fish Smithson!

Looking for more of those Saturday.

KU-TCU // 11 a.m. // Memorial Stadium


— Kansas Football (@KU_Football) October 5, 2016

He’s not big (listed 5’11” and 205) but he really does look bigger than that on the field. Against my beloved alma mater, Ohio University, Fish was everywhere. He’s (read more…)

CFB Week 5 Scouting Watch Guide

Written by Jeff Risdon on September 30, 2016

This week’s edition is defiantly SEC-free! You’ll hear enough about the inherent awesomeness of the Southeastern Conference on the morning yakfests, and several SEC teams will make a triumphant return to next week’s column.


Stanford at Washington, Friday 9 PM on ESPN

The PAC-12 smartly puts its marquee game in prime time on Friday, where the entire football nation can watch two top-10 teams square off in Seattle.

Everyone knows Cardinal star Christian McCaffrey, the best playmaking RB in the nation and in this draft class. The obvious draft comparison is one McCaffrey himself has endorsed, Reggie Bush. Heck he even wears No. 5 in tribute to the former USC star, who had an uneven NFL career pockmarked by numerous injuries. McCaffrey is more sturdily built but just as explosive. Like Bush, I see him being a fantastic receiving RB but more hit-and-miss as a traditional runner at (read more…)

Colorado at Michigan Scouting Summary: The Jabrill Peppers Show

Written by Jeff Risdon on September 18, 2016

I spent a sunny, beautiful late summer afternoon in the Big House watching Colorado take on Michigan. The visiting Buffaloes stormed out early but couldn’t overcome a key injury or a furious Michigan comeback.

Here’s my abridged notebook on several of the NFL prospects.

Jabrill Peppers–Normally I do the prospects in alphabetical order but Peppers’ tour de force performance deserves top billing. The Michigan defender was the best player on the field, in part because he was all over it.

He announced his presence with authority on the very first run play, knifing around the edge and slamming the ballcarrier to the turf for a 2-yard loss. Later, he perfectly timed an A-gap blitz and hit the QB before he had a chance to get rid of the ball.

Peppers is primarily a strong safety but he lined up at every non-DL position on Michigan’s 4-3 defense except field (read more…)

CFB Week One Scouting Watch Guide

Written by Jeff Risdon on August 31, 2016

Back by popular demand, it’s the weekly college football scouting guide! Each week we’ll go over what players to watch in several of the televised games with an eye for the NFL Draft. Production and outcomes matter, but this focuses more on the scouting aspects of the draft-eligible players.

Some of the things I’m looking for, especially early in the season:

  • Proper positional technique
  • Football IQ or lack thereof
  • Improvement from prior season(s)
  • Dynamic athletic traits

In this first week it’s primarily about getting a strong 2016 first impression about players on watch lists and players who stood out last year. Normally I’ll watch scores of college games over the summer to help prep my scouting eyes, but this year I didn’t get that deep. As a result, I have fewer preconceptions about more players.

I’m fascinated to see how this plays out. Sometimes those lingering impressions (read more…)

Danzel McDaniel and the Journey

Written by Jeff Risdon on April 18, 2016

One of the great phenomenon in the draft media is the willingness to pick and choose which prospects get favored status and which ones fade to relative oblivion in draft season.

It’s not that different from the odd cultural phenomena that emerge at college stadiums every Saturday in the fall. From The Wave to the “jump around” to the ubiquitous Seven Nation Army on repeat twice a quarter from every marching band in the country, they are instantly ingrained in the cultural fabric of college football.

The last couple of autumns brought forth a new stadium sensation. Somehow, some way, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ emerged as a raucous, full-throated sing-a-long at college football games. “Born and Raised in South Detroit” broke decibel meters in nearby Ann Arbor with over 100,000 Michigan fans screaming along. I went to 9 different college football venues last fall and heard the 1981 pop/rock (read more…)

Kalan Reed and the Lost Socks

Written by Jeff Risdon on March 24, 2016

One of the tradeoffs my family has made with me working from home while my wife toils elsewhere is that I get to do the laundry. And let me tell you, a family of four active folks generates a lot of laundry!

While I’m pretty adept at the laundry thing, I’m continually battling the war of the missing socks. Twelve pairs of socks enter the washer, yet when I’m done folding the clothes from the dryer there are invariably at least two solo socks without a match.

It would be one thing if this happened occasionally, but it’s every freaking load. Even when I just do my own clothes, at least one perfect sock couple gets divorced in the process of completing the load. It’s a truly maddening phenomenon.

I can’t stand seeing those rogue individual socks. In my quest to impose human qualities on pretty much everything, I (read more…)

2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report Hub

Written by Bryan Perez on March 23, 2016

Please click on a player to read their scouting report provided by The Scouting Academy:

ALLEN, Jack (OC, Michigan State) BLYTHE, Austin (OC, Iowa) BOOKER, Devontae (Utah) BOYD, Tyler (WR, Pittsburgh) BRISSETT, Jacoby (QB, NC State) CALHOUN, Shilique (EDGE, Michigan State) CARROO, Leonte (WR, Rutgers) CASH, Jeremy (S, Duke) CLARK, Le’Raven (OT, Texas Tech) DIXON, Kenneth (RB, La Tech) DOCTSON, Josh (WR, TCU) DRAKE, Kenyan (RB, Alabama) ELLIOTT, Ezekiel (RB, Ohio State) FULLER, Will (WR, Notre Dame) GARNETT, Josh (OG, Stanford) GREEN, Aaron (RB, TCU) HENRY, Derrick (RB, Alabama) HOGAN, Kevin (QB, Stanford) JONES, Deion (LB, LSU) MORRISON, Antonio (LB, Florida) MURPHY, Kyle (OT, Stanford) PERKINS, Paul (RB, UCLA) PROSISE, C.J. (RB, Notre Dame) SPRIGGS, Jason (OT, Indiana) (read more…)

2016 Draft Prospectus Preview: LB Myles Jack

Written by Kyle Crabbs on March 19, 2016

This evening I finished my final Off Ball LB evaluation of the 2016 Draft Class.  To celebrate; tonight I’m going to be sharing my report on the player who has stood miles (pun intended) ahead of anyone else in the class since all the way back in October: UCLA Linebacker/Weapon of Mass Destruction Myles Jack.

I jumped the gun when news Jack was out for year, conducted full film eval already…he scored the highest film eval I’ve given in 3 years.

— Kyle Crabbs (@NDTScouting) October 6, 2015

Click here to view my report on Myles Jack straight from my 2016 NFL Draft Prospectus.

This report is the first of several to be shared here at Draftbreakdown from my annual Draft Prospectus. If you are not familiar, my Draft Prospectus is a 300 scouting report document released on April 1st. If you’re interested (read more…)

Reggie Ragland and the Decline of Hair Metal

Written by Jeff Risdon on March 16, 2016

Most people form their musical preferences during their high school years. My mother is a child of the British Invasion, growing up in the 1960s. My uncles were largely children of the 70s, and their tastes leaned towards vintage ZZ Top, Queen and Aerosmith. My older cousins were impacted by the pop/country and Southern rock of the early 80s.

I was in high school in the late 1980s and my music was hair metal in all its resplendent ridiculousness. Songs about fast cars, faster women and living life with everything turned up to 11 was the overriding message from my musical heroes. C.C. Deville’s hair couldn’t be teased enough, Tommy Lee couldn’t act raunchy enough, Mark Slaughter couldn’t screech high enough. Sexual double entendres were thinly veiled in the lyrics and celebrated in the ubiquitous videos on MTV, back when that station still embraced the “music” part of its (read more…)

2016 Draft Prospectus Preview: DeForest Buckner

Written by Kyle Crabbs on March 12, 2016

Another week has come and gone and thus we are another week closer to the release of my annual NFL Draft Prospectus. As I continue to work through evaluations it continues to become more and more apparent that the majority of highly gifted prospects this year lies on the defensive side of the football. As such; I’ve elected to share with you one of the best: Oregon Interior DL DeForest Buckner. Click the hyperlink to see my final report!

This report is the first of several to be shared here at Draftbreakdown from my annual Draft Prospectus. If you are not familiar, my Draft Prospectus is a 300 scouting report document released on April 1st. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a digital PDF copy of the Prospectus for $10; please visit!

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