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All-Star Games

Joe Marino’s Day Two 2016 Senior Bowl Practice Notes

Written by Joe Marino on January 27, 2016

North Team Practice Notes

The competitive, up-tempo North Team practices of Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett got the day started at Ladd-Peebles Stadium this afternoon. It was a frigid and brisk day here in Mobile, Alabama and I focused today more on QB’s, WR’s and DB’s while peeping the offensive and defensive lineman.

-Michigan State WR Aaron Burbridge’ weaknesses were exposed today. He doesn’t have enough burst to eat up yards throughout his stem or quickness to separate out of his breaks. Additionally, he dropped multiple passes in drills.

-Ohio State TE Nick Vannett looks great on the hoof and his soft, natural hands continued to be on display. Vannett has also shown the ability to find/sit down in zones to provide a security blanket to his quarterback.

-UCLA WR Jordan Payton has quietly displayed a solid skillset. A few times today he showed good route-running skills and adjusted (read more…)

Kyle Crabbs’ Senior Bowl Recap: Day 2

Written by Kyle Crabbs on January 27, 2016

Day 2 is in the books. Now that my fingers and eyelids have thawed and I’m able to fully function (it was in the low 40s with frequent gusts of wind blasting us for four hours this afternoon); it’s time to look over my thoughts of the day. Structure in comparison to yesterday’s recap will be a little different, I’d like to take the opportunity to recap more players. North Squad – 12 PM – 2 PM CST

  • OT Jason Spriggs looks the part of a 1st RD Offensive Tackle. He’s doing a very nice job against a talented collection of pass rushers in 1 on 1’s and has rarely been challenged (minus a strong inside spin move by Utah DL Jason Fanaika on the last rep of the day). Spriggs is difficult to force off of his balanced pass set thanks to natural athleticism and foot quickness.
  • Michigan (read more…)

2016 Senior Bowl: Day One Practice Recap

Written by Bryan Perez on January 26, 2016

Day one of the 2016 Senior Bowl practices is in the books.  It was a long day that started with the National Scouting Weigh-In at 8:30 a.m. and concluded with the final practice whistle at 5:15 p.m.  Simply put, it was the perfect day for an NFL Draft analyst.

The first practice was held at Fairhope Stadium, where the South Team was put through their paces by the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff.  While it wasn’t nearly as intense of a session as the North Team experienced, it still offered a valuable first look at many of the Nation’s top seniors.  The second practice was at Ladd Peebles Stadium and featured some pad-popping moments and an overall better viewing experience.

I focused my attention today on the quarterbacks and receivers, largely because the big uglies tend to increase their intensity as the week progresses.  I was excited to get an (read more…)

Joe Marino’s Day One 2016 Senior Bowl Notes

Written by Joe Marino on January 26, 2016


Starting your day by watching 110 men in their underwear get measured in a room full of NFL coaches, scouts, executives and media personnel sounds odd but there was lot on the line for the NFL prospects invited to participate in the 2016 Senior Bowl.

All of the weigh-in results can be found in the results page: Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results

Other notables outside of what you can read on the chart:

-I was sitting next to an AFC offensive line coach. When LSU OL Vadal Alexander walked across the stage he wrote down one word to describe his body:  sloppy. I also had the word sloppy written next to BYU DL Jason Fanaika, Western Michigan OT Willie Beavers and Arkansas G Sebastian Tretola.

-Alabama LB Reggie Ragland had a disproportionate frame. He is built like a defensive tackle in the lower half but slender up top.

-Alabama (read more…)

Kyle Crabbs’ Senior Bowl Recap: Day 1

Written by Kyle Crabbs on January 26, 2016

Today was the first time I’ve tasted Mobile, Alabama in all of it’s glory. The entire atmosphere here is overwhelming; there are NFL executives and head coaches at every turn. NFL legends like Dan Marino and NCAA powerhouses like Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney also made appearances today. Having drank in every single moment of my first day, I’m now ready to summarize and provide each of you with what I saw so that you too may enjoy the day’s events.

Weigh ins started at 8:30 AM CST sharp; it was just as much of a meat market as you would expect it to be. Several players answered questions about their frames, while others introduced doubt. For the record (and I tweeted as much this morning), weigh ins and measurements are not meant to be a criticism of a 6’7 player coming in at 6’5 and a half. The critical (read more…)

2016 Senior Bowl: Weigh-in Winners

Written by Bryan Perez on January 26, 2016

The first big event of the draft process’s biggest all-star game is the Senior Bowl weigh-in.  And while it’s bizarre to think that a player’s body composition will impact their draft projection, the sad reality is that it does.  The good news for the prospects that weigh in heavier or lighter than expected is that they’ll get another shot at the scale at the Scouting Combine.

There were a few players who measured in better than I expected they would.  The first guy that jumped off the stage for me was San Jose State’s running back Tyler Ervin.  Prior to today, the speedy Spartan was listed at 5’10”, 175; that’s small by any evaluator’s standards.  This morning, Ervin measured in at 5097 ( a shade under 5’10”) and 192 lbs!  He was well developed with a lot of muscle; he’s clearly worked hard at bulking up.  I still (read more…)

2016 Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results

Written by Bryan Perez on January 26, 2016

The 2016 Senior Bowl weigh-in is here!  Please refer to this post for the official weigh-in results as they happen.  Refresh the page every few minutes for the latest results!

Senior Bowl: Embracing the Change

Written by Jeff Risdon on January 25, 2016

The Senior Bowl has become the must-do event on the NFL draft calendar. Hundreds of media members, not to mention pretty much every football employee from just about every NFL team, makes the annual trip to Mobile for the week following the conference championship games.

Former NFL GM Phil Savage took over in 2012, and the Mobile native immediately upped the profile and credibility. Reese’s signed on as an official sponsor in 2014, a much-needed corporate presence which brought both capital and even more exposure. This year the practice sessions will be broadcast on ESPN, and judging from the tubs of credentials I saw Monday at the Renaissance (the host hotel) there will be more media, agents, money men and coverage than ever before.

2016 Senior Bowl Week is Upon Us

Written by Bryan Perez on January 25, 2016

The 2016 Senior Bowl is set to get underway tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. with the National Football Scouting weigh-in.  The Senior Bowl weigh-in is an extremely important part of a prospect’s draft process because it is the first “official” set of measureables for many of the players.  It’s true that most of these guys will get a chance to add or drop weight between now and the Scouting Combine, but it’s extremely difficult to erase first impressions.  Narratives about each player will begin to form (regardless of how unfair that may be) based on their height, weight and overall physique.

I’ll be updating our special Senior Bowl Roster post with LIVE weigh-in results as they happen.  You can find the post HERE.

Day One of the Senior Bowl practices is unique because of its structure.  The first official practice (South Team) kicks off at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow at Fairhope Municipal Statidum, with (read more…)

2016 NFL Draft All-Star Game Roundup

Written by Justin Higdon on January 25, 2016

The NFL Draft’s all-star circuit concludes this week with the Reese’s Senior Bowl, and Draft Breakdown will be well-represented, as Joe Marino, Kyle Crabbs, Jeff Risdon and co-owner Bryan Perez all descend on Mobile, Alabama ready to provide in-depth coverage of the weigh-in and practices. Risdon spent last week in St. Petersburg, Florida for the East-West Shrine Game, and was kind enough to join us on The Draft Breakdown Podcast and give a rundown of the best and worst practice performances. The Shrine Game and Senior Bowl are still the best known all-star games of draft season, but since January 17th, three other events have come and gone. These games won’t ultimately provide the firepower St. Pete and (especially) Mobile will, but a number of prospects took advantage of their opportunities and boosted their odds of a late round phone call or post-draft free agency contract. I had (read more…)

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